VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs is a volunteer-based emergency service capability, focused on supporting search and rescue response in NSW through the provision of qualified canine search teams.

We are members of VRA Rescue NSW, who provides emergency response for Road Crash Rescue, General Land Rescue, Flood Rescue and Vertical Rescue across more than 50 locations in NSW. VRA Rescue NSW also provides specialist capabilities including WICEN Communications, Cave Rescue and Ski Patrol.

VRA Rescue NSW – “Proudly Serving the Community, Proudly Serving You”

VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs was officially launched in October 2022, after years of working with the emergency services to gain recognition of this capability in NSW.

Our dedicated team brings together search and rescue dog expertise from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland and Slovenia.

We currently train across multiple disciplines including Air Scent Area Search, Scent Specific Trailing, and Water Search. Our handlers and navigators are also well trained! Undertaking courses in land search, map reading, navigation, communications, first aid, and other specialist skills, such as Lost Person Behaviour. Support personnel are also vital members of our team, providing support with navigation, logisitics, training and admin.

We are proud to have the Petbarn Foundation as our major sponsor.

To keep up with the latest news from the VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs, follow our Facebook page. If you would like to gain more information about VRA Rescue NSW, then take a look at their website and Facebook site, which showcases the latest news of the amazing and professional commitment that so many squads and individuals are performing every day. There are also many VRA Rescue NSW squad Facebook pages to be found.